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Vintage Van Road Trips

Can you feel that? It’s the sense of freedom you get when you hit the road with no plan and nothing but a friend and an open mind.


Make your next trip into something different and star in your own road trip movie with a cult icon like the VW "hippie bus" or the Mercedes T1 "Bremer van". Each one is a car, a house and an experience, 3 in 1. The setting? The beautiful island of Tenerife, Spain.

Vacation or Occasion?

Book now for your most epic vacation ever, or ask us about a Day Rent for a photo shoot or a special occasion. Let(‘s) go!

Meet your travel buddies

Treasure Island

That’s how we think of Tenerife. The beaches, misty mountains and mystic forests are right out of an adventure book. Add an almost Martian desert, timeless villages, vibrant cities and a South American vibe and you have Europe’s most diverse destination. Luckily for us vintage van enthusiasts it’s also small enough to explore at a slow island pace.

You will get access to an interactive map with our personal favourites, accessible from any device. Where to sleep, eat, drink, surf, hike, chill, drop your yaw and more. Found a special place? Why not share it with us and make our map ever better!

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